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Getting your home ready for sale is a lot of work, but when you figure it is your greatest financial asset, it is worth the time and energy. Also, the more you do up front, the less you have to do when the house sells. We understand most Sellers have time and financial constraints. Some of the information listed below can be overwhelming, but it must be included, because everything affects the financial outcome. Do the best you can and keep your eye on the goal of moving into your next home. While staging makes a huge difference, an overpriced home is challenging to sell, so listen to your real estate agent. He or she is your best advocate.

Pack up the collections and move them to storage. Collections are often very personal, from CDs to dolls, art pottery to Star Wars, the collections are all about you, and Buyers will be looking at the collections and not the wonderful features of your home. At the end of a long day of house hunting, they will scratch the "Wizard of Oz house" off their list.

Pack away family photos. Realtors say that once you put your home on the market, it is no longer your home. Buyers have to visualize their family photos and furniture in your home without the distraction of pictures of mom, dad and the kids graduating from college or on vacation.

In most cases, wallpaper, especially borders detract from a home. These days borders are very personal. Your flamingo border may not go over very well with someone who loves ducks. If possible, remove all borders. If you have dated wallpaper, remove it, and paint a neutral color.

Generally, neutral colors are a better choice than bold colors or super white paint. We can do a color consultation for you, choosing colors that work best with your flooring, window trim, doors and fireplace material.

Clean the carpeting and if it does not clean up well, you may want to consider re-carpeting. Like paint, a neutral color is good. We are happy to assist you in selecting a good color and style that best suits your home.

Clean, clean, clean those bathrooms. Make sure exhaust fans are spotless, as well as all tile and grout. Install new toilet seats. Install new faucets if you cannot remove hard water stains. Keep only what you need in cabinetry and make sure you keep it clean and organized. Personal hygiene products, toothbrushes, etc. should be out of sight. Make sure shower curtains and towels are clean and fresh.

Nothing will make a freshly painted bedroom look more tired than tired bedding. Check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls for the best pricing.

Less is more — Move out extra furniture so the rooms look bigger.

Pack up and store what you do not need in every closet. You want Buyers to see all of the great storage available in your home. Organize your remaining clothing and shoes, and install an air freshener if needed.

Pack up and store what you do not need. Buyers look through the cupboards, so make sure they are clean and tidy. Hide all medications and move jewelry, coins, etc. to a safe place.

Clean litter boxes twice a day, pick up all doggie debris in the yard and make sure animal sleeping areas are need and tidy. If possible, kennel all dogs and crabby cats. Animals are like children - nobody loves your animal as you do.

Laundry Room
Neatly organize your soaps, bleach, etc. Using bins can help to consolidate product and make your shelving and cupboards look like Martha Stewart organized it.

Utility Rooms
Consolidate your paint and other household products. Take "expired" products to your county recycling facility.

This is a good time to dispose of old tires, air-conditioning units, etc. Now that the children have graduated from college, it is time for them to pick up their childhood memorabilia. Both men and women appreciate clean, open garage space.

Curb appeal
Make sure there is no trash blowing around the front yard. If the color of the front door matches the body of the house, consider painting it. We can talk about it or do a color consultation for you. If overgrown shrubs or large trees are hiding the architecture of your home from the street, consider trimming them. Do some research before trimming to make sure you are not damaging shrubs or trimming a tree at the wrong time of the year. Pots of greens, pansies, forsythia, curly willow or red twig dogwood add much to your home's curb appeal.

General Comments
  • Make sure light bulbs throughout your home are in working order.
  • Locate garage door openers and make sure they are in working order.

We hope this information is helpful. With all the shows on HGTV, we're often lulled into thinking we can accomplish the goal in one half hour. Truth told it takes five days to put on a one half hour show, usually devoted to one room. Keep moving forward and before you know it, your home will be on the market with offers coming in.

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